John Krasinski and His Departure from ‘The Office’: Update

Earlier this year I researched John Krasinski’s perception in Hollywood as an actor and star, comparing him to Chris Pratt, and asking the question:

Why does everyone still call him  ‘Jim from The Office

My whole argument behind a research paper and blog post was, in short, that Krasinski is much more than just a funny ‘type’–and he deserves more roles outside of that typecast.

Within my research I reviewed how industry news sources describe Krasinski as only ‘Jim from The Office,‘ but hoped to see a switch in language after his work in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016) and The Hollars (2016). Now, after his directorial debut with The Hollars, hyper-masculine transformation in 13 Hours, and his upcoming work with Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, the language around him is leaving Jim behind…slowly.

Aside from the dozens of articles regarding Krasinski’s thoughts on parenthood, you can find Krasinski’s gig with Disney Nature’s Born In China (2017) on any search engine. He has been cast as the narrator for the U.S. version of Disney’s newest documentary.

In his press releases about Born In China, audiences can read the shift from only The Office references, to now describing him as a filmmaker and movie star.

The Hollywood Reporter, “John Krasinski to Narrate Disney’s Nature Film ‘Born in China'” 

However, some sources continue crediting Krasinski as Jim Halpert.

Entertainment Weekly, “John Krasinski to narrate Disney nature film ‘Born in China'”

I would argue this change is a good thing. Like I wrote in “From Jim Halpert To Jack Ryan: John Krasinski And His Departure From ‘The Office’ Typecast,” “While he has not completely moved away from the Jim Halpert character, each hyper-masculine character he will play, hopefully will do the trick.”¹ Keep changing the language, Hollywood, I love it!

¹ Jones, Lindsey. “From Jim Halpert To Jack Ryan: John Krasinski And His Departure From ‘The Office’ Typecast.” May 17, 2016.



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