Bring it on Summer 2k16: Goal Setting for a Student’s Film Blog

As the summer is just beginning, I’ve been asked many questions about summer internships, junior year plans and long-term career goals. I keep mentioning to people how my blog is an integral part of my future career – so, I thought I should write down a few goals I have for the summer for

1. 1 Film Review Post A Week

Being a full-time, very involved student, I haven’t been able to watch many new movies this year. So, the summer is the perfect time for me to do what I love! My internship at Fizziology requires me to be aware of upcoming films and being able to write about them from a cultural/social lens on a weekly basis is something I will have plenty of free time to do. So, each week I plan on giving you, the reader, a quick analysis of an older or upcoming film.

2. 1 Critical Analysis of a Film

My semester analysis of John Krasinski’s stardom culminated into an academic paper and somewhat-academic blog post. I absolutely loved that project and want to do something similar throughout the course of the summer.

Have an idea for me to write on? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3. Gain 10 more readers

Readership is something important for a blog, but at this point I’m fine with my blogs being only read by friends and family. But, gaining more readership is eventually a goal for me – so might as well start now!

4. Have fun and better my writing skills

Blogging is fun! I really enjoy putting my ideas and thoughts out there for people to read and contemplate. It can be scary putting one’s inner thoughts for all the world to see, but I also think putting your thoughts out there can open someone’s mind to new ideas that they wouldn’t have heard without you speaking them. I’m not a writing major so I’m learning how to write blogs through self-teaching, but my liberal arts education does help me become a better writer. Here’s to learning how to write better!

5. Create an environment where people to understand film as an important piece of society

Historically, film has been regarded as a form of low culture with no significant value besides entertainment. Until this year, I didn’t think of “going to the movies” as anything but another form of consumption of stars and storytelling. One professor – Justin Rawlins – opened my eyes to the importance of film as a cultural construct and perpetuation (or challenge) of hegemonic ideals in society. My entire thought process on film changed entirely. Film is another way that people make sense of the world we live in; it brings ideologies and world views into storytelling and shows what our society still believes is right or wrong. It’s a phenomenal medium that deserves more credit – as a piece of culture – than its given. That is why I write. Plain and simple. Except, life is not that simple. Complexity is a wonderful thing.

“Humanity is really f*cking complicated.” – Justin Rawlins, Ph.D.

So, here I am. Writing about the complexities of society within film. Summer 2016 is days away. Let us begin.


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